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Suggested Operating Procedures for Oil Base Mud Section

Situation Products lbs/bbl Pill Volume Sweep Frequency Notes
Preventive Sweeps MCT-500™

7 15-25 bbls 6-8 hours
  • Dilute with diesel or mud as required
  • Pump sweep every 6 to 8 hours, and additional as each potential problem sand is drilled
  • Continue sweeps as log as under-balanced sands are exposed
  • Add wetting agent per mud company representative directions
Seepage Sweeps MCT-500™


50 bbls 4 hours or 100' of new hole drilled
  • Pump 25-50 bbls sweeps (calculated to cover 500' of hole)
  • Pump sweep every 4 hours or 100' of hole drilled
  • Adjust frequency for severity of problems
  • Continue sweeping program as long as under-balanced sands are exposed
  • Maintain pH above 9.5
Lost Circulation (Partial Returns) MCT-500™


50 bbls Pump sweeps as conditions dictate

2 to 3 sweeps may be required to control losses
  • Mix MCT-500™, then add MCT-1000™
  • Dilute with mud or water as required
  • Pump sweeps at reduced speed
  • Adjust concentration and frequency as conditions dictate
  • Spot pill in place should conditions worsen
Lost Circulation (Total Loss & Less Than 50% Returns) MCT-500™


50 bbls Spot pills

Follow up with sweeping program as required
  • Mix MCT-500™ first, then add MCT-1000™
  • Dilute with mud or water as required
  • Pump pill at reduced pump speed
  • Spot pill at suspected loss zone
  • POOH (or to last casing) Allow hole to heal
  • Stage in hole after regaining circulation
  • Establish regular sweeping program to TD