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Suggested Operating Procedures

  1. Begin DESI Seal MCT-1000™ Fine sack additions
    • Prior to drilling into suspect areas (100' to 200' above), begin adding 4 to 6 bags of DESI SEAL MCT-1000™ per hour for potential seepage loss.
    • Adjust the quantity and frequency of the hourly sack additions once sweeps are started.
  2. Sweep the wellbore
    • Mix sweeps, consisting of 10 to 15 ppb DESI SEAL MCT-1000™.
    • Adjust the pH to 9.0+ to prevent fermentation
    • Pump sweep every 4 to 8 hours or 100' to 200' of new hole made.
    • Pump sweep additionally at each instance of seepage or mud loss.
    • Adjust concentration (10 to 25 ppb DESI SEAL MCT-1000™) and frequency of the sweeps, as hole conditions warrant.
    • Spot (or circulate around) sweep mixture prior to bit, logging, and casing trips and runs, for added insurance against seepage, mud loss, and differential sticking problems.
  3. Systems treatment
    • In the event of severe or persistent seepage situations, add 4 to 8 ppb of DESI SEAL MCT-1000™ to the entire active mud system and continue a sweep program.
  4. Mix a pill for mud loss
    • Fill the slugging tank to approximately 3/4 of capacity. Adjust to capacity after materials are mixed.
    • Add 60% DESI SEAL MCT-500™ (25 to 40 ppb).
    • Add 40% DESI SEAL MCT-1000™ (15 to 30 ppb).
    • Adjust the pH to 9.0+.
    • Spot enough pill to cover a minimum of approximately 500' of hole.
    • Pull up into the last casing and allow the pill to set 4 to 8 hours.
    • Attempt to circulate at slow pump rate.
    • When circulation is regained, increase pump pressure.
    • Stage in hole, circulating the well out at regular intervals.
    • Once drilling has resumed, begin a sweep program to reinforce the pill's seal.
    • Adjust sweep concentration and frequency as hole conditions dictate.
  5. Notes
    • Shaker screens will tend to blind when sweeps or pills are circulated back to the surface. Therefore, have the shaker hand prepared to wash or replace screens as needed.
    • Screens of 60 to 80 mesh will enhance retention of the DESI SEAL MCT-1000™.
    • Adjust the ratio for spot pills to 70% DESI SEAL MCT-500™ and 30% DESI SEAL MCT-1000™ for oil base mud intervals.
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