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DESI SEAL MCT-1000™ Fine

(Mud Circulation Treament - Fine Grade Cellulose Material)

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DESI SEAL MCT-1000™ Fine (Mud Circulation Treatment) is a uniquely formulated product designed to seal permeable formations of all types: in water, oil, and brine water. It is formulated from a combination of available cellulose fibers. MCT-1000™ encompasses a wide range of particle sizes and shapes. In order to increase the flexibility of MCT-1000™, both fibrous and granular cellulose materials are incorporated. All components in MCT-1000™ are compressible and deformable, allowing them to conform to the shape of pore spaces and fractures. MCT-1000™ will form a seal near well-bore, minimizing fluid invasion and proportionately reducing cake build-up. A combination of MCT-1000™ and MCT-500™ can handle problems from differential sticking to lost circulation. MCT-1000™ is most effective when used alone or with Gilsonite material.


  • Minimizes differential sticking
  • Seals micro-fractures
  • Helps prevent loss circulation or heals it
  • Minimal rheological effect on fluids
  • Compatible with water, oil, or brine fluids
  • Minimizes formation damage from fluid invasion
  • Easily removed from productive formations
  • Thermally stable
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • Non-damaging to MWD tools

General Application Procedures

Seepage Loss

Mix DESI SEAL-MCT 1000™ in a pill at concentration of 8-15 ppb and sweep the wellbore periodically. When chronic seepage is occurring at a system treatment of 4-8 ppb, is recommended. System maintenance can be achieved by incorporating subsequent sweeps.

Lost Circulation

Mix DESI SEAL™ through the chemical hopper in a pill containing 60% MCT-500™ and 40% MCT-1000™. Fluid density will determine the total concentration that can be mixed. Total concentrations of 25-65 ppb are common. After circulation is regained a MCT-1000™ / MCT-500™ sweeping program is recommended to maintain the integrity of the seal during the drilling operations.

Differential Sticking Prevention

Prior to drilling depleted zone add 2-4 ppb MCT-1000™ to the system. Mix a pill containing 8-15 ppb MCT-1000™ and 8-15 ppb Gilsonite material. Sweep the hole as new sands are drilled and every 4-6 hours depending on hole conditions. Sweep the hole prior to tripping, logging, or running casing.

Brine Fluid Pills

Viscosity fluid with polymer to +/- 40 sec./qt. Add 15-25 ppb MCT-1000™ through chemical hopper. Spot pill across area to be perforated or point at which hole is taking fluid. MCT-1000™ will minimize fluid invasion into the formation. MCT-1000™ is easily removed from formations during production and will biodegrade naturally.

Physical Characteristics

Form: Solid
Odor: Minimal
Color: Dark Brown
Solubility (H2O): Minimal
Solubility (Oil): Minimal

Packaging: 25 pound bags, 50 bags per pallet, shrink-wrapped