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DESI Drill Sticks

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DESI-Drill Stick is a color-coded water-soluble performance product that has been designed to reduce torque and drag while drilling. It is a synergistic blend of several water-soluble components that work together to help rate of penetration. It also has a high tolerance for liquid hydrocarbons and has low emulsions forming tendencies.


DESI-Drill Stick is especially effective for torque and drag reduction while drilling and also has tendencies to keep clay platelets from swelling and balling up drill bits while drilling. Your Dennis Energy Services, Inc. Representative will work with you on designing an effective treating program.

Typical Physical Properties

Form: Solid, Cylindrical
Color: Red
Density at 77°F (g/ml): 1.208
Density at 77°F (lb/gal): 10.06
pH of 1% solution: 7.14

Handling & Storage

DESI Drill Stick is an industrial chemical product. All safety and handling warnings on the product container and the material safety data sheets should be observed. For detailed safety and disposal information, please refer to the material safety data sheet. Store in a cool, dry location.


DESI Drill Stick is available in 5 gallon containers and split top 55 gallon drums from Dennis Energy Services, Inc.